We specialize in the design of country estates and custom homes, but we also do major remodels and some multi-family housing. With a wide background in country site development and urban design, we are specially qualified to design sensitively and competently on pristine rural sites, as well as urban infill situations.

Our designs are intended to reflect your personality, not ours, and to be your contribution to the architectural heritage of our time, whether in small or large ways. We do not have a “Harrison Woodfield Style”. What we do have is a commitment to excellence in design, service and construction, with a determination that every building we design delights the owners for years to come and adds to a beautiful built environment.

This means that, before putting finger to computer or pencil to paper, we spend a lot of time with you personally, working through a whole host of ideas and possibilities.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built before or if you are a veteran at the game; the longer we spend in the early phase of design, working through your needs, dreams – and your budget – the more likely we are to come up with a building that will delight you, grow on you and your friends, and appreciate in value.

Our watchwords are quality in design and service from the earliest design concepts to completion of your successful project.

Our designs, traditional or contemporary, have one objective – to marry function, beauty and innovative, sustainable solutions with cost effectiveness – all for the lasting delight of our clients.

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