Situated in beautiful Carmel Valley, this project sits on a ranch with cattle and wild creatures, as well as the Owners’ horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. The living spaces surround classical courtyards in this hacienda style house, with terraces that step down the hillside. Besides a full time residence for a large family, there is a full working office, and two artist/project spaces, as well as a library and study. In our search for the beautiful and the handmade we are using architectural antiques, including doors, ironwork and stonework, and custom made tiles in the old Spanish/California tradition.

The building drawings were done in a 3-D program until we were sure of the massing and features of the home, and then we began the detail work in 2-D drawings. The cardboard model helps see the building as an object on its site, quite different from the 3-D computer model that shows the forms but is more abstract. The rendering helps define color and character, and adds landscaping and lighting to envision a finished home, before it is even built.

This home will be a net zero energy home, and will be built to the highest green standards available. The building system we are using for the floors, walls, and ceilings will be concrete over a foam core, making it not only energy efficient but very resistant to fire and insects.