Many of the decorative features built into this home are antiques salvaged from old buildings prior to demolition. This requires that the artifacts have to be in hand at an appropriate time during design, so that they can be harmoniously incorporated into the project and spaces dimensioned accordingly. Sensitively and perceptively placed in the right context, this preserves valuable cultural and artistic links with our past while adding rare decorative features to a modern building. The polychrome terracotta frame to this front door and the wall medallions were hand made by an Italian craftsman for a Midwest restaurant about 1910 and were built into this home in 1993. Three antique iron railings have been incorporated, including the front “Bombay” balcony. Thick wood moldings, long, worn marble slabs for stairs, and a rare fireplace mantle cast from a demolished New York brownstone home, are a few additional artifacts incorporated into this intimate and charming home.