This country home is set on a little hill, up a gentle slope to the front door. The car entry courtyard and garage were set below, and used to block views from a nearby road. The walkway from the garage to the house has an upper covered porch, leading to a recreation room over the garage. Expansive porches, covered and open, extend the living space of this home, and invite you to linger and enjoy the view and garden. The modest sized home has a large feel, as the open living room steps down, and connects to the hallway, entry, kitchen and dining room through an edge of open columns. The tailored building with its bays and neat trim, speaks of quiet grace and a place of peace.

We originally designed this house in the 1990’s for a previous client. The new owners loved the house, but wanted a formal dining area (the old living room), a large sunny living room, and a new second floor master suite with balcony. We were called upon to design and be involved in the construction of the addition, renewing a much loved home for a new life with a new owner.