This creek-side guest house reflects the style of the main home, already built when we began design work. The challenge was how to respect and complement the main home, and find a suitable location without competing with the “territory” of the main residence.

We kept the angled metal roof, fireplace chimney, exterior wall color, and window style. We then added a bold entry arch inviting you from the garage driveway area, a simply crafted “disappearing” garage door, and a subtle entry door arrangement.

The floor plan was restricted to 840 square feet, but the owners wanted a main room for sitting, cooking and dining, and two bedrooms and two baths. Fitting everything in efficiently, the main room was placed in the center, vaulted with a wall of windows opening to a triangular deck. The two bedrooms open off the main room on either side (no hallways), with floor to ceiling windows opening to private decks, each with a full bath. Attic space was used for a children’s loft, and garage storage.